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Work with members of the education community and schools to develop strategies to teach and improve student discipline/behavior. These "no non sense" strategies will increase class time for learning and a more positive and productive environment for all involved. Our goal is to enhance communication abilities with young people and adults. 


As a Third Party Neutral, mediator - facilitate clients utilizing a defined process to work through issues and/or disagreements, in either a two party or multiple party environment. During the mediation process, parties will be able to express their stories, identify issues and brainstorm solutions. In the end, they can develop a written or verbal agreement that all parties should be able to honor and uphold.Click here for Mediation Model


If you need a high-energy facilitator/trainer or customized learning experience design - Hand and Associates can work with your organization to enhance professional learning that leads to an innovative-thinking workforce. Our consultants have the skills and understanding to design creative engaged learning that really works. Conflict


A Neutral Third Party - provide customized designs for groups and organizations to conduct small and/or large scale meetings. To ultimately be able to effectively communicate and complete the work or assigned tasks.

"I'm always looking for ways to help market my mediation services. Check out my Thumbtack listing to learn even more about what I do!" Just click on the phrase "mediation services".

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