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Same Sex Marital Issues

Having a someoneyou can trust in these days of uncertainty and change - can be not only useful but imperative.  I try very hard to provide a venue for couples experiencing this needed service.   Are there other more wise folk out there? Probably - but not everybody seems comfortable in talking about it in this forum.  For those who appreciated the blog or at the least discussing or mentioning the issue -thanks,and I urge you/insist you to write back and share your enlightening thoughts and feelings!

Power of Opposites Continued

Special thanks to my newest blog followers.  Your comments are always welcome!!!  I look forward to continue to stimulate thought and our growing conversations together.  Peace

INSIGHT Two  Role reversal – if I can see it – I can manage it – maybe??  Ever asked the question from/ of others – “Is that how I really act? Is that how people really see me?”  Steve Erkle (character on TV’s Family Matters) may have said it best, “Did I do that??”  Sometimes the man/woman in the mirror is not always a pleasant sight to reflect, but sometimes we just need a visual.

Mediator Effectiveness - Same sex marital issues

In today's world of expanded tolerance and change - should a mediator be able to demonstrate empathy working with a same sex couple experiencing marital issues or relational problems to be effective?  Looking for comments as I do this research.  Where does one park their value system to be an effective facilitated neutral in this process.  Besides same sex marriage and unions seem to  be having more societal acceptance.  What say you fellow bloggers????

The Power of Opposites

     Haveyou ever noticed that what motivates us the most are the things we want the least?  Why is it that we spend so much time acting the opposite of who we really are not to accomplish/be what we really are?  I am not a social scientist or behaviorist  - but I am someone who has spent a significant part of my life doing just those things to only desire the converse results.    

      Thatis what has sparked me to write this narrative.

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Same Sex Marital Issues
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