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This past sunday - I missed mass due to the weather, so why not take the opportunity to watch it on television?  As unusual and uneventful as this might seem - it soon turned into a disappointment and most distasteful experience.  The theme of this week's sermon revolved around "family" and Marriage - marriage of the "traditional sort"!  Hmm, how alarming when this "man of the cloth" began to pontificate and singularly define family and marriage to his congregants and television audience.   His proclaimed definition that only allowed for one perspective and a total disregard of what is trending in today's society across boundaries and cultures. 

Even though I know people like him exist, and of course, they are welcome to their views and comments - on this particular day, such commentary, while supported by the "good book" and other unidentified not so good books - actually disrupted my day.  Throughout this day - I felt troubled and found his haunting commentary to be hurtful and ludicrous!!!  It was hard to fathom that someone who was supposed to represent tolerance - speak so vehemently against it!!!

Gosh darn it!!!  I hope that today's non traditional/more open swing of society's pendulum toward family and marriage will continue to swell as we enter a new year!!!  As long as people are willing to love one another and take care of each other - what they look like and who they do it with - really should not matter.  

Happy New Year

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Julian Brown on Monday, January 27, 2014 1:59 PM
This is an intriguing topic. Being raised in a set of beliefs that evolve much slower than the world around it (question#1 is that a good/bad thing?) Q#2 How do we deal with that? It seems the need for tolerance evolves much quicker these days than it has in the past or Q#3 Is it that there are many more people seeking tolerance for their individual beliefs than there were many years ago when the primary tolerance sought was racial equality. As I reread I see I have posed
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readreview on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:28 AM
The growing need for tolerance opportunity to watch it on television disappointment and most distasteful experience. Keep making with this handandassociates blog for the congregants and television audience family cultures.
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coach paper on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 4:52 PM
We must tolerate each other and by this way, we can build good relationships. Also, maintain these relationships on a long-term basis. Without tolerance sometimes it is really hard to maintain such relationships.
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test on Friday, August 17, 2018 3:52 AM
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essaypro on Friday, August 17, 2018 5:11 AM
I always make sure to leave room for improvements and the same thing goes with new perspective. But I will never be able to bear those people whose beliefs are totally subjective based on the traditional sort. I believe that we're living in a fast paced world, thus the beliefs and standards set by society are changing. But it does not mean that we should close our options and stick to any proclaimed definition that is only allowed for one perspective. You totally got me at "I hope that today's non traditional/more open swing of the society's pendulum toward family and marriage will continue to swell as we enter a new year." Thank you for speaking for my thoughts.
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I am not a really sure fan of mass being held and you gonna watch it on the television, I feel tired to read your blog because I already read it four times. Some beliefs are not familiar with me because my religion is not a Catholic. The author of this blog makes me interested more in reading some kind of stuff to learn about the topic of family and marriage. When you enter the world of having a marriage it is a commitment and an eternal promise to love each other until the end of your life. You gonna make a family to have this you have to raise your children together. Yes, we must tolerate each other to build our relationships to get deeper and stronger. Thank you for the persuasive post that you have posted.
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Mohit on Saturday, September 5, 2020 12:49 PM
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